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Home Insurance

No matter where you live – a house or condominium – the right and best home insurance policy can assure you get the peace of mind and the financial resources needed to repair or replace your property. We offer liability coverage against certain types of accidents that occur within your home or on your property, so you and your family never face trouble. Get a free quote today from the best home insurance providers around.    

Auto Insurance

At Insurance Solutions of South Central Kansas, we believe that insurance should be accessible, affordable, and simple for everyone. You can avail the best car insurance in Kansas, as Insurance Solutions of South Central Kansas offers packages for Collision Insurance, Comprehensive Insurance, Ride-Share Insurance, Rental Insurance, Glass Breakage, New Car Replacement, Towing & Roadside, and several more options.  To ensure our customers are covered and protected from any damage, we provide an affordable and cheap auto insurance solution in Kansas for car insurance to meet our clients eclectic needs

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Life Insurance

Our agents at Insurance Solutions of South Central Kansas go beyond protecting your family for the short term; we put you and your loved ones on a path toward financial preparedness in the future. At Insurance Solutions of South Central Kansas, our instant issue life insurance is for those looking for lifetime protection with added benefits. Life insurance not only provides a guaranteed benefit but also helps you to prepare for the future by making you more ready for whatever lies ahead.

Umbrella Insurance

We want to you to look at us as your insurance and risk management partner integrated within your business. We are known for acting in our customer’s best interest, ensuring all their risks are managed and protected. We can provide Umbrella Insurance in Kansas for injuries to other people if you’re at fault, damage to other people’s property, injuries or damage caused by your renters, and certain lawsuits, like slander and defamation.

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Landlord Insurance

Our best rental property insurance can cover a wide range of risks associated with Landlord Home Insurance. We provide financial protection against natural disasters such as fire and water damage or coverage against legal liability and protection against tenant injury.

ATV insurance

Whether you’re four-wheeling or working in muddy fields, protection means more than just wearing safety gear and driving responsibly. That’s where we come in. Pack up the family, your favorite outdoor toys because, with Insurance Solutions of South Central Kansas Company’s ATV insurance package, you have the right insurance ensuring you have the best trips ever in your ATV at any time of year.

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Kansas Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

Boat with confidence, knowing you have the right insurance that best suits your boating needs. Each boat is different and needs a different kind of insurance coverage. Our recreational boat insurance policies in Kansas are tailored to meet your unique needs. Based on the type of boat you own and the activities you enjoy with it, we determine your loan amount. Our optional fishing equipment coverage would be great if you have a fishing boat. Alternatively, if you enjoy water-skiing, we offer liability insurance for watercraft. You don’t need to worry about whether you own an antique boat, powerboat, ski boat, sailboat, fishing boat, pontoon, or pleasure boat because we have the right boat insurance coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance

Selecting the right motorcycle insurance policy in Kansas is similar to selecting the right vehicle. It should suit your lifestyle and your needs —and to be within your budget; that’s why we’re here! Embrace the freedom that comes with riding your vehicle wherever you want; the rest is up to us. We’ve got you covered from Liability Insurance, Motorcycle Collision, and Comprehensive Coverage to Collision Coverage through our Motorcycle Insurance in Wichita, KS.

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Home Warranty Plans

 Our KS Home Warranty Plans offer a full package of coverage on 20 mechanical systems and appliances in your home.  These plans offer a low deductible option, competitive pricing, with the ultimate peace of mind should something break or just flat out wear down- we have you covered.

Pet Insurance

Let’s face it- your pet is apart of the family! Just like humans, pets can have unexpected medical needs that can be stressful, burdensome, and costly.  Our Kansas Pet Insurance plans give our clients ultimate peace of mind, knowing their pets are protected.